Web Design

Website design is a necessary marketing expense in today’s digital world. Many businesses attempt to create their own website which usually end up being an online billboard-type business card that gives them an online presence, but perhaps not a great one. Without a properly designed website that engages the customer and is easy to navigate with pleasing images and color, your customer won’t stay long enough on your page to read what you want to tell them! That is why design is so important.

The average customer stays on a website for only two minutes. Think about your own web surfing habits. What type of pages do you spend time on? What type of pages do you glance at and then move on in just under two minutes? When you think along those lines, you will understand why engaging your customer with good website design is so important. So how do you engage the customer? Well, that would be a very long lesson, and there are many ways to do it, but that is just one of the many things we specialize in here at Your Graphic Vision right outside Tampa, Florida.

In addition to engaging your customer, your website design should be aesthetically pleasing. It should look like a professional website because it represents you and might be the first, and only, impression your customer has of you. You are not an amateur, so why have a website that looks “amateur-ish”. The customer needs to be impressed with your website and enjoy being there, or they won’t stay long enough for you to gain their trust and win their business!

Our website designers are also graphic designers. All websites are initially done as a mock up in Photoshop to create the most pleasing design possible for the client. We then use HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to recreate the Photoshop design to be viewable in a browser. This takes a lot of skill in both website design and graphic design. These are not only our specialties, but our passions.

We are committed to providing you with a unique one-of-a-kind website that will not only engage your customer visually, but that will also utilize SEO to ensure your website design is seen by the world. No matter how good your site is, it won’t help you if nobody sees it! We want to help you get a page one ranking on Google and other search engines. Call us today for a free consultation!