85-Year Old Sugar Daddy Handcuffed to Table for 20 Hours


A dating website that promotes “sugar babies”, www.seekingarrangement.com, appears to be more of an escort service. 85-year old Paul Aronson had the funds to arrange a date with 17-year old Shaina Foster. Shaina showed up to the date with her twin sister Shalaine. Unknown to Aronson, both sisters have previous arrest records, some which are sealed.

Aronson spoiled the girls with wine and a nice dinner. He was thanked later at his 38th street apartment in New York City, by being zip-tied to a coffee table while the girls continued to party in his home and then left with his wallet and $470 in cash.

20 hours later Aronson was found by a friend and called the cops. The two teenage girls were arrested on Monday and charged with kidnapping, larceny, burglary, and assault. They are being held without bail at the Manhattan Criminal Court.

The mother of the girls, who wished to remain anonymous, stated “These are 17 year old girls … college bound, upstanding citizens. They’re not sleazy girls at all, whatsoever. It’s going to ruin their lives forever. I don’t know what to say other than this is horrible.” Really? Wake up, Mom. Your twins may look heavenly, but they are not your little angels anymore.

While what happened to Aronson is horrible, why is he not being charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor since he obviously bought the teenagers liquor? The twins’ brother fumed outside the court: “But it’s also an 85-year old wealthy man who basically has these young girls like they’re in a candy store. We know he bought them liquor and intoxicated them and took them back to his house.”

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