Argument Over Parking Spot Leads to Murder

Elizabeth Yanez
Elizabeth Yanez

On Friday, October 17, Elizabeth Yanez and her two children (22 and 23 years of age) drove to Santa Fe Springs, CA to enjoy a day at the Swap Meet. The day did not end as they had imagined. Upon arriving, Yanez and a young couple began arguing in the crowded parking lot over an available space. The situation quickly escalated.

Yanez was stabbed in the neck, and back by 22-year old Reggie Cervantes who then fled the scene with his girlfriend, 19-year old Brenda Ragel. Yanez’s son, Daniel Crable, who was also wounded with a knife slash to his chest, attempted to give her CPR alongside his sister but said later, “Little did I know that the wound she had had taken her life before she hit the ground.” Whittier police arrived on the scene at approximately 9:30 p.m. and Yanez was immediately rushed to UCI Medical Center, but her injuries were too severe; she was later pronounced dead.

Yanez’s daughter, Renee Crable, said “It doesn’t make sense to me. For a parking space, it was just uncalled for. I mean I just don’t understand how … I’m supposed to go on with my life now.”

Detectives were able to retrieve fingerprints from Yanez’s car which, along with eyewitness accounts, led them to the suspects. Cervantes and Rangel were arrested the next day and charged a few days later on the 28th. They were charged with murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Cervantes has prior charges for robbery and receiving stolen property which he spent 32 months in prison for. They are being held at the L.A. County Jail on a $1 million bail.

Rangel plead not guilty. Her arraignment is scheduled for tomorrow. We will be tracking this story.


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