EverQuest II

Asharae by GraysunWelcome, weary traveler! Are your eyes heavy after numerous hours of debugging code? Or, are your legs aching after running after the little one’s all day? Whatever ails you, you have come to the right place. In Norrath, you can find treasure while resting in a comfortable chair. You can climb majestic mountains without skinning your hands, and you can swim through the clearest, deepest ocean without ever holding your breath.

If you’re new, head over to Everquest II’s official site to download the game for free, and create your free account. Be sure to write your username and password somewhere in case you forget it!

Once you are in the game, be sure to read everything. Skipping through a quest without reading the dialogue might leave you not knowing what to do next. You will also receive tutorial hints that pop up on your screen at just the right time; don’t just dismiss these! They are essential to learning the basic skills you will need to thoroughly enjoy EverQuest II.

Be sure to check out Useful Links in the menu bar to find my favoriteĀ fan pages that will aid you greatly as you explore Norrath and learn how to play your chosen profession well!

Want to meet in-game? Feel free to email me and I will join you if time permits!