Father Who Beat His Child to Death Claims Racism

Emery Jenkins
Emery Jenkins

A man from Minnesota was arrested for second-degree murder on October 23 by the Itasca County Sheriff’s office after his infant son died of blunt force trauma to the head on October 17. The day before, Jenkins had called 911 because his 2 ½ month old was not breathing. Jenkins told first responders that the baby had fallen off a swing and had also been bitten by the neighbor’s dog. The “dad of the year” allegedly also said that he dropped his son on his head earlier this month in the bathtub.

After an autopsy, it was determined that the infant, Joseph Jenkins, had died of blunt force trauma to the head. The baby had a fractured skull, fractured ribs, and injuries that were described as being caused by either “biting or a cutting object.”

Thankfully, investigators were not buying the “swing and dog” story. They spoke with three other women who also had children with Jenkins. All three women said that Jenkins was violent towards them and their children.

The child’s mother later confessed that Jenkins had bit the baby on numerous occasions because it was crying. I’m no rocket scientist but wouldn’t that just make the child cry even more? She also admitted that she and Jenkins had lied about the neighbor’s dog as a cover for the bite marks. Really? They did not guess that doctors would be able to tell the difference between a human bite mark and a dog bite mark?

To further your rising opinion of Mr. Jenkins ingeniousness, when a judge asked him if he had any comment on the prosecutors’ request that Jenkins be held without bail, he replied, “This is racist. That’s all I got to say.” I’m not sure what race Jenkins identifies with, but Jenkins is a surname that is English and Dutch. Oh, and yeah, a white man would never have been charged with beating his baby to death. There’s also that.


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