Free Reverse Phone Look Up – Is it Really Free?

Have you ever received a phone call from a number and had no idea who was calling?  Most of us ignore these calls and figure if it’s important the person will leave a message and we’ll call them back.  But sometimes, you may see the same number many times and “whoever” never leaves a message.  We all know how frustrating this is and it sometimes leaves us feeling harassed.  This is where free reverse phone look up may come in handy.  What is free reverse phone look-up?  Well, essentially it’s the opposite of looking up someone’s number in the phonebook; instead of looking up a name and getting a number, you are providing a number and getting back a name… theoretically at least.  Let me explain.

Search engine results for “free reverse phone look up” provide numerous results including company names such as Spokeo,, and  Each of these sites asks you to enter the telephone number you want to search, and each returns a page letting you know that, behold!, they have found your result!  Each, unfortunately, goes on to tell you that to give you this information, you must pay a certain fee.  At Spokeo the fee was $0.95 for a single report or you can pay $39.95 for a full year of searching pleasure. simply redirects you to PeopleSmart where they ask you to pay $7.95 to receive just the name and address associated with your search, or $39.95 for a complete report that includes their full name, date of birth, phone number, current address, neighbors/relatives, properties and even a criminal check!  Of course, if you sign up for their monthly membership, with a fee of $19.95 per month, then you get the mini-report for $0.95 and the full report for $19.95.  I wish I could tell you that results from fared better. will, like the others, inform you that they have found a match for your search, but to view the information there is a link you need to click on.  This link forwards you to where they again promise you that they have found full results on the person you are searching for.  So… you guessed it, click another link… and you can buy the report with a premium 1-year membership for $39.95 or just the single phone report for $14.95.  Oh, and the best part: you can pay PhoneDetective $4.95 to give you information on how to make your data private so others can’t pay to view your personal information.  I’m very curious what this report might include but simply not concerned enough to pay the $4.95 – anyone who really wants this personal information can find it in various places online, free, simply because of something we call Public Records.

So, it seems that free reverse phone look up is somewhat of a misnomer.  The information you are seeking is available, but not for free – the only thing that is free is the search itself… but the results, you will have to pay for.