Georgia Man Dead After Another Police Shooting

Crime scene in Savannah, GA where Smith was killed by police
Crime scene in Savannah, GA where Smith was killed by police

29-year old Charles Smith was arrested Thursday due to outstanding warrants. Officers handcuffed Smith and placed him in the back of a patrol car. Smith managed to get his handcuffed hands from behind him to the front of his body and then kicked out a window of the patrol car to escape the vehicle. Officers say he was wielding a gun which led them to shoot and kill the Savannah, GA man.

A gun was found underneath the body of Smith. Begging to be asked is the question: how did the man have a gun on him after being placed in the patrol car? It is standard procedure to frisk an individual for weapons before placing them in the patrol car so if officers followed proper procedure, the gun would have had to have been hidden somewhere undetectable. While not probable, it is possible since Smith was able to get his hands from behind his body to the front, giving him much more maneuverability with his hands.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations will be investigating this incident to decide if any wrongdoing occurred by the officers and I’m sure we will receive more details about how this incident could have occurred. A witness claims to have heard Officer David Jannot say, “Do you want to die?” right before shooting Smith in the legs, back, and finally, the head. That does not look good for 10-year veteran Jannot, but of course authorities need to determine if this witness is reliable and stating the truth (remember Johnson making false statements about the Michael Brown incident?)

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