Haunted House Takes Fear to a Whole New Level

The clown from Stephen King’s, It, has nothing on these guys. One thing nobody can argue is that clowns with dildos who make lewd comments and gestures are particularly scary clowns. The Massacre Haunted House in Montgomery, Illinois warns visitors not to attend if they are easily offended. Perhaps they should have been a bit clearer on what exactly that meant.

Regina Janito filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the 20,000 square foot establishment for assault, negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional duress for unspecified damages. She says that when her, her daughter, and three other minors approached the haunted house to purchase their tickets on October 11, two male clowns approached them with sex toys making lewd comments and poking at them.

Haunted House employee Robert Keller
Haunted House employee Robert Keller

One of the clowns identified as Robert Keller is accused of violently poking the 17-year old daughter with a purple vibrator “in various parts of her body, including her buttocks.” The other clown has not been identified other than to say he was a male holding a teddy bear with a sexual device attached to it. Janito claims the man was simulating oral sex on the teddy bear. As the women screamed and ran, Janito stated the men continued to call after them, one of them shouting, “You know you like it in the butt!”

This is not unusual behavior for this establishment. A writer for the Chicago Tribune, Luis Gomez, reported that “an actor dressed as a cross-dressing junkie begged me to help him get his fix and revealed the sexual act he was willing to do if I helped him get it.”

The general manager of the haunted house, Nic Miele, said in a statement: “We make every effort to ensure our Halloween experience is as safe and as scary as possible. We abide by all regulations, take all allegations seriously, and are cooperating with police. All the while, we are committed to continuing our Halloween tradition of fear and fright for many years to come.

Janito’s attorney, Michael Huseman, said: “The conduct of the haunted house and its employees crossed all lines of decency and common sense. Their conduct was outrageous and extreme. My client and her daughter were traumatized by the event. We hope this whole thing is resolved quickly.” Language in the lawsuit states, “The acts committed by Keller and John Doe [the other unidentified male] were beyond the standards of civilized decency and beyond the scope of what society is willing to tolerate.”

23-year old Robert Keller was charged earlier this month with battery and disorderly conduct; perhaps a plus on his resume for a job like this. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, Janito has unintentionally given The Massacre Haunted House quite a bit of free publicity that will probably largely increase its profits this year. While these types of accusations may keep people away from any other type of establishment, those not “easily offended” are properly already headed in droves to Montgomery.