Man Arrested for Drowning Dog with Bowling Ball

William Meek
William Meek

On June 16, a 12-year-old border collie named Zelda was found floating in the American river near the Sacramento’s River Park neighborhood. Zelda had a microchip and was traced to the owner who said she asked 47-year old William Meek, her boyfriend, to take Zelda to a shelter after she had allegedly bitten someone. Instead of taking Zelda to the shelter, it is believed that Meek attached a leash to Zelda’s collar that was tied to a bowling bag containing a large rock and a bowling ball, and then threw her into the river.

Zelda was given the animal equivalent of an autopsy and it was found that she was alive when entering the water. She later drowned and suffered injury to her neck attempting to free herself from the weight that was drowning her.

The city animal care manager, Gina Knepp, stated “There’s something terribly wrong with someone who would do that. I can’t wait until he comes back to Sacramento. Let’s see what a jury does with him.”

Meek was described by Sacramento Detectives as being a very violent man who had two warrants out for his arrest: one for alleged maiming of animals and one for possession of a controlled substance. After almost five months of searching for the wanted man, The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department finally tracked Meek to a Reno Best Value Inn thanks to an anonymous tip. He was arrested on Tuesday with a felony warrant. Authorities in Sacramento are attempting to have Meek extradited back home to face charges.

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