Missouri Teen Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

A 15-year old brutally attacks his detention teacher at a school for rehabilitating juvenile delinquents.
A 15-year old brutally attacks his detention teacher at a school for rehabilitating juvenile delinquents.

On May 8, 2013, 15-year old Kevin Straub brutally attacked a 42-year old teacher at Innovative Concept Academy in St. Louis, Missouri. The academy is a “last chance” academic institution for juvenile delinquents and is the only school in the country that is supervised by the court system. The school endeavors to keep children current with their academic studies while also attempting to rehabilitate the juvenile. The school’s website states that it tries to give juvenile delinquents “a real chance at changing course and building a productive, meaningful life.”

Well, A for effort, but unfortunately it appears their innovative concept does not work for everyone. Prosecutor Jeffrey Ernst described the attack by Straub: “It definitely was a brutal crime and it happened in a school which is so troubling about the whole thing.”

The teacher, whose identity has not been revealed, was supervising students in detention. He was beaten so viciously that he suffered a stroke. Doctors say he may lose his vision in one eye. Video surveillance shows a barbaric beating where Straub punches the teacher hard enough to move him backwards, and continues to ferociously pummel the teacher, blow after blow, pushing the man back with such strength that he knocks the teacher’s desk over in the process.

15 Year Old Kevin Straub has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Kevin Straub

Police found the teacher at the scene, splayed on the floor bleeding from a head wound. In an interview, the assaulted teacher’s mother said, “He should be put away some place where he won’t hurt anyone else.” She says that Straub’s violence has changed many lives. For example, her son is no longer able to play basketball with his children.

Straub was arrested and charged with second degree assault. On Wednesday, Judge Mark Neill said that even though Straub is a child, he committed a man’s crime, and therefore will be sentenced as such.

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