Revelations into Jody Hunt’s Murder Spree

Jody Hunt killed four people before killing himself.
Jody Hunt killed four people before killing himself.

Up until now, all we knew was that 39-year old Jody Hunt killed four people in a fit of anger possibly due to a breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Sharon Kay Berkshire, who was one of the four people murdered. New details create a timeline into the deaths of the four victims and Hunt’s “justified reasoning” in his own words on Facebook.

The first murder was the owner of Doug’s Towing, Doug Brady. Hunt also owned a towing business named J&J Towing and Repair. It has been determined that Hunt felt slighted that business was being taken from him by his competitors in what he called “poaching”. He had been complaining to county officials for several months. This appears to be the motive behind Brady’s murder. Hunt drove to Doug’s Towing and shot Brady twice in the head while he was working in his garage. Brady had previously filed a protective order against Hunt.

Next, Hunt drove to where his ex-girlfriend and her new lover were living together. 39-year old Berkshire, who filed domestic violence charges against Hunt last month, and 28-year old Michael David Frum had been dating for a few months. It is believed that Frum taunted Hunt through a text message about being with Hunt’s ex. Hunt wrote on his Facebook page, “Having a man text u [sic] to say I’m with her and u [sic] are stuck without her is not a game. Games hurt people’s hearts. Games don’t solve anything.”

Hunt shot Berkshire and Frum to death in their newly rented home. Frum was found inside the home and Berkshire was found just outside the home where she possibly was trying to escape. She had been shot twice. Three murders under his belt, Hunt had one more stop to make.

Hunt’s cousin and business partner, Jody Taylor, is believed to have also had a relationship with Berkshire at some point. Hunt drove back across town to kill Taylor before leaving a suicide note on Facebook and taking his own life by gunshot to the head.

Hunt’s Facebook post seemed to attempt to justify his murders: “I did not chose [sic] to have the love of my life to go behind my back and sleep with several guys as she came home to lay her head on my shoulder to say goodnight I love you … I except [sic] my actions were wrong but in my eyes just. So I will leave this world as others did. May your saddened hearts be replaced with hate for me … Please take care of my dogs.”

Hunt was not a stranger to breaking laws and calling his own shots. His criminal history began in 1994 with trespassing and theft. It quickly escalated to abduction in 1999 when he was charged twice for kidnapping a former girlfriend. The woman, who was pregnant with his child at the time, was held at gunpoint for several hours before Hunt finally surrendered.

Under West Virginia law, Hunt was not allowed to own a weapon due to his previous convictions. It is unknown as to where Hunt obtained the weapon he committed the murders and suicide with, and officials are not sure all crimes were even committed with the same handgun. Police continue to investigate.

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