Skillshare is an amazing online learning platform available for less than your Hulu subscription! Whether you want to learn about art, graphic design, gaming, web design, or cooking, you will find great video walk-through’s that will teach you everything you want to know!

There are many free classes to learn from on Skillshare, so you can start browsing around and learning risk-free. However, teachers on Skillshare, like me, don’t get paid unless a Premium member enrolls in their Premium class. Since Skillshare offers such a variety of learning opportunities, and is so affordable, I’m sure you will want to become a Premium member. Not only to have access to many more video tutorials, but to support the talented instructors who are sharing their knowledge with you. Supporting this platform by becoming a Premium member will allow the platform to continue to grow with new videos. As you might guess, instructors would not be able to continue spending hours making videos if they don’t get paid!

Get 3 months of Premium Membership for just $0.99!

Right now, Skillshare is offering an amazing deal with giving away 3 months of Premium Membership for just $0.99. If you decide to continue your membership past the 3 months, you will pay only $12 per month. They have a discounted yearly package as well.

As you know, I am an instructor on Skillshare. I absolutely love it! Right now I am teaching a class series on WordPress, but I will be adding other tutorials as well. If you have a suggestion for a class that you would like to see, please let me know!

My WordPress course starts from the beginning to help someone learn how to build their own website using WordPress. On this page I will be providing links to all my classes as I publish them. Once you enroll in any one of my classes, you will automatically “follow” me on Skillshare. This means you’ll receive an email update each time I publish a new class, so you’ll always be “in the know.”