Slave Contract in Writing for Police to Find

Kenneth Harden
Kenneth Harden

A 32-year old Indiana man, Kenneth Harden, faces charges of rape, battery, and criminal confinement after police found a binder in his home with a label: “Slave Manual 2014”. The manual has an extensive set of rules, and punishments for not following those rules, spelled out in just under 12 pages, signed by both husband and wife in blood. Police found this binder during a domestic disturbance call to the couple’s home at the end of August. Probable cause for the search? The numerous signs of abuse on the woman’s body including cigarette burns, numerous bruises, and marks on her neck made by a tight collar.

The couple has been married since July 2013 after meeting on Craigslist. Harden’s wife says he did not become violent until after they were married and that he claimed to be a devout Christian. She also says she originally signed the Slave Manual because he controlled her diabetes medication, and she was afraid to leave him for the same reason. Cops were told that Harden would choke her until she was unconscious, abuse her with what he called his “bag of torture” filled with sex toys, and abused the family dog. After her child left for school, she says Harden would force her hands and head into a wooden box for hours.

Harden was arrested on 38 felony charges including rape, criminal deviate conduct, battery, strangulation, intimidation, and neglect of a dependent. Perhaps he continues to have a Master/Slave relationship within the Jackson County Jail – although I doubt, this time, that he’s the master.

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