Think Twice About Misrepresenting Yourself Online!

Cornelius Jefferson
Cornelius Jefferson

It is not uncommon for two people to meet over the internet and fall in love. There are numerous chat rooms, and video rooms where people can meet interesting people, have fun conversations, and even develop a romantic interest. Many of these people, however, are not who they claim to be. The popular MTV show Catfish has revealed many interesting episodes about people who thought they were talking to someone who turned out not to be who they said they were; boys were actually girls – girls were actually guys, and many other disappointments for online lovers.

33-year old Cornelius Jefferson relocated from Georgia to Kentucky to be close to his girlfriend whom he met online. Unfortunately, when he met her, she was not who he believed her to be. The Laurel County Sheriff’s Office said he, “didn’t think she was like she was on the internet.” It is unknown what he meant by that – was she physically different? Had she used a fake picture or a fake voice?

Perhaps one could sympathize with Jefferson if he was duped and uprooted his life to be near a woman who lied about something particular, but that does not justify Jefferson’s reaction. Jefferson allegedly argued with his girlfriend about his disappointment and then attempted to strangle her. Perhaps gaining control of his sanity, he released her and fled with the two suitcases he had brought with him.

Police found him wandering down a road outside London, Kentucky on October 21 in the wee hours of the morning. He was charged with fourth-degree assault.

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