Trump Will Never Be My President #NotMyPresident

Trump Will Never Be My President #NotMyPresident


This post was written on November 9, 2016. I couldn’t bring myself to walk through it again, to edit it, and make it ready for publishing. I was too emotionally exhausted after vomiting out over 2100 words in probably 30-45 minutes. I finally edited it today and decided I wanted to post it. It’s already a few weeks after the election, and most of the protesting has died down. It’s still going on, however, and we are still seeing good reasons why. I try not to publish political things too often, but this was just too important to me. Most likely, I’ll be writing more on Trump in the coming months and especially after the inauguration, but I promise not to bombard you with it. Not because I don’t think it’s important (it very much is!), but honestly, it’s tough emotionally to stop and think about our reality. So, we must visit it, but visit it with caution, as not to inundate ourselves with negativity. I am going to hope for the best, and believe that Trump will at some point apologize for his missteps, and bring about good changes without destroying the good we have already accomplished.

This is a tough post. I am very disappointed, sad, confused, scared, and appalled, as I write this. Trump supporters can tell me to fuck off now and leave the room; you won’t want to be here.

*waits patiently as those who were willing to gamble with America’s future strut away, cursing profanities and hate, still believing they are righteous*

Alright-y then, now that the room has thinned a little, I’m left with two kinds of people reading this post:

1. Those who are sad, dare I say even depressed, scared, and anxious about our future, who did not vote for Trump; and
2. Trump voters who are curious and open-minded enough to hear what a #NotMyPresident supporter has to say.

Both are welcome. If you are a Trump supporter and stayed out of curiosity, however, just remember . . .

Kermit the Frog saying, "Many people don't know this, but you can read something you disagree with on the internet and just move on with your life."

Keeping It Real

Like I said earlier, this post is not for the weak at heart. I am NOT pulling any punches here. While many who feel just like me will relate to this post and silently give me a virtual high-five, you won’t publicly acknowledge that you agree.

You probably are scared that your feelings on this issue could hurt your business if you express them. Fuck that. Do business with people like you; you’ll enjoy your business more.

You will be fearful that you will lose friends. Fuck that. Like my father always said, “I’d rather have no friends, then shit friends.”

I Am Disappointed.

Perhaps disappointed is not a strong enough word. While I feel an immense amount of different emotions today, I don’t know that there exists one word in our dictionary that would correctly describe the despair.

Sadly, due to the actions of others toward me specifically, I spent the majority of my childhood and teenage years led by the belief that most people are:

  1. Ignorant
  2. Sheep
  3. Mean
  4. Hypocrites

I spent years trying to find the good in others and in the world, and slowly I started to see two things. First, I couldn’t judge all people based on the actions of children, and a few rotten apples (adults). Second, I wanted to believe in my fellow man. I had to make a conscious effort to have faith in humanity. Finally, my heart softened, and that faith grew. Today, that faith was shattered.

I am appalled at the millions of people who would vote to elect a man so utterly devoid of common decency.

Why do I say that? Here is one reason why.

I’m sure you can find many more examples of him spewing stupidity, hatred, misogyny, ignorance, and so much more. It’s plastered all over the internet.

I am Confused.

All of the hate Trump spewed is on audio and video recordings (and forever now a part of American History). He didn’t try to hide that he felt this way; he was proud of it. Based on the video and audio evidence, we know that Trump believes:

1. Women are inferior, merely objects who can be sexually abused and objectified.
2. The White race is supreme. The KKK is openly supported.
3. People with disabilities can be mocked publicly for being different.
4. LGBTQ communities are unacceptable.
5. Having money allows you to break the law and treat others any way you like.

Fuck, did it hurt writing that. There’s probably even more to add to the list (you can add to it in the comments below), but I simply can’t continue with it so I’m going to move on.

Here’s why I’m confused. Almost half our population voted for Trump. Trump has openly stated everything in the list above as shown in the video, also above. Stay with me.

I’ve always been more of a mathematical thinker, and to me there is an obvious Transitive relationship here: If A = B, and B = C, then A = C. That’s simple enough logic that even if you failed math, you should understand it. It can be mathematically proven and is called The Transitive Property of Equality.

So here is the math translated the way I see it. If Trump openly feels this way, and half of America voted for Trump, then half of America feels this way. As I shake my head in disbelief, I think: “That just can’t be true, can it?” My 7th grade geometry teacher says it is.

I am Scared.

While the world is publicly reacting to Trump’s election with political diplomacy and grace, the simple fact he was elected proves that almost half our population are hypocrites. They exclaimed disbelief and disgust over the things Trump has said and done, leading us all to believe that the vote would be against him; yet, when the voting curtain closed, their hypocrisy was clear.

Is it possible that the diplomatic congratulations from other countries are no more than more hypocrisy?

Let me clearly define what I mean by hypocrisy, as I’m aware that it is a very strong word. It simply means they are not “Keeping It Real” for the sake of diplomacy. I believe society has even coined a phrase to make hypocrisy more comfortable for everyone: Political Correctness.

Unfortunately, not being a hypocrite, saying what you really feel, and being honest, is something the majority of our society frowns upon; Perhaps this is why those who voted for Trump are OK with knowing that he’s a proven liar. Then again, since they voted for someone who did not speak politically correct, and blurted out whatever he felt, you would think our society of honesty-haters would have hated him enough not to vote for him. So confusing. Maybe this is society saying that we don’t want “PC” anymore, and want more of the “Keep it Real” mentality? Whatever the reason, it is an injustice to elect a man as President who has no political experience, and on top of everything else, stands for everything we have declared that we hate as a country.

I am Hated.

Right now, Trump supporters are certainly hating on me, but what I mean, by saying “I am hated,” goes much deeper than that. I could care less what Trump supporters think. I’m obviously not trying to be “politically correct.”

Instead, what I mean is that almost half of the country I live in has stood up and, indirectly, stated that they hate minorities, those of another religion, gays, and… ah well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but I’ll stop there. Let’s talk about the iceberg tip.

When it comes to race, Trump believes “whites” are superior.

I’m Cuban. After two failed marriages to “very white” men, and one failed relationship with a black man, I am proud to be back to my maiden name of Del Castillo (which incidentally means “of the castle.”) I’m a Latina. I’m a proud Latina. I was born in the United States of America, and am as much a part of this country as all those pretty blonde hair-blue eyed people (who incidentally I think are so damn beautiful!)

I refuse to believe my worth is “minimal” just because the population of my people in this country is a “minority.” Which, by the way, probably won’t always be the case for much longer (unless, of course, Trump has us all deported), and I’m really surprised that someone hasn’t started screaming that the term “minority” is politically incorrect. Me? I could care less what someone calls me, as long as they treat me with respect.

When it comes to religion, Trump is intolerant and closed-minded.

I am not a Christian (so taboo to say these days, no?) I believe in God, and I am spiritual, but I do not believe The Bible was divinely inspired. I do believe, however, that it is a great work of art in our literary history, and that it has many good teachings society can learn from. In the eyes of many, that makes me a bad person; I’m going to Hell in a hand-basket, apparently.

If that’s the case, then nobody is hurt except me. Based on that truth, shouldn’t it be my choice? I’m still a good person. I help others whenever possible.

I have been hungry and low on grocery money, yet fed my neighbors who had less.

I have paid for other people’s groceries at the store when they came up short for their total.

I have made a U-Turn on the road to get back to a homeless veteran in a wheelchair by the side of the road asking for money in order to hand her $20.

I am honest, to a fault (as you can probably tell by this post.)

I have never intentionally hurt, maimed, murdered, raped, or stole from anyone (well, I did steal once when I was 18, but I learned my lesson and made it right).

Aren’t these all the things Christians are supposed to do?

Damn. So much more I want to say on this matter, but I’m digressing; the religion issue is a whole ‘nother post. But the point is that just because someone doesn’t believe the way you do, doesn’t make them a bad person. It doesn’t mean they should be exiled from our country. It only means that they need to respect other people and not push what they believe on others.

That being said, Muslims, Wiccans, etc., who cares? However, any radicals who want to PUSH their religion on others, or disturb the otherwise peaceful nature of society, need to be thrown the hell out.

When it comes to sexuality, Trump is a bigot.

I have been married twice, as I said, and I’ll clarify that yes, they were men. However, I am attracted to women, too. If one day I fall in love with a woman, I want the ability to marry her and have the same rights anyone else would have within a marital institution (based on my first two marriages, I get why they call it an institution!)

The LGBTQ community has made great strides in the past decade. Sadly, the acceptance that has been ever-so-slowly coming to the community, was apparently only an example of, here’s that dreaded word again: political correctness. If the country truly supported #LoveIsLove, Trump would not have been elected.

“In a conversation with Fox News Sunday hosts, Trump said that if he was elected, he’d think about appointing Supreme Court Justices who would overturn marriage equality.” (Source:

The same source also notes that Trump said that America is “going to hell” because the NFL openly defended gay football player Michael Sam.

Trump has also partnered with Pastor James David Manning who says LGBTQ’s should be “stoned” (literally, the practice of ‘yester-years where society threw stones and rocks at someone until they were dead.) (Source:

Still not convinced? Just Google “worst things Trump has said about gays” to get a full understanding of what Trump as a President will do to this community. And while all you “Christians” silently cheer as you read this, try to remember that based on your own Bible, you are supposed to love everyone, and not judge anyone. You should never celebrate over someone else’s grief.

I Am, and Will Remain, Strong.

Be strong when you are weak, brave when you are scared, and humble when you are victorious.While I was disheartened writing this post, I was compelled. It wasn’t a choice; it was necessary. These things needed to be said.

Do not misunderstand me. Being disheartened does not mean I’m weak. Being disappointed does not mean I’m defeated. Being so at odds with almost half of the society I live in (probably more), does not mean I will go down without a fight. I’m kind of used to being in the “different thinking” crowd.

I am proud to be a part of the #NotMyPresident movement. Trump supporters are saying Democrats need to “shut up” and “stop whining.” That’s very funny coming from the same people who whined for 8 years about Obama.

These same people are saying that democracy was at work: “Suck it up–we won.” The truth is that our system of “democracy” is not a true democracy. If it was, Hilary Clinton would be President Elect right now as she received MORE of the popular vote. That makes me feel a tiny bit better about my fellow Americans, but the disappointment I’ve mentioned is based on the fact that it even was a competition at all.

In the end, our Electoral College made Trump the President Elect.

It is very obvious this decision was not made based on the experience or qualifications of the two candidates.

It is very obvious that the decision was not made based on the diplomatic skills of the two candidates.

Dare I say, the decision was not based on the personal appearance of the two candidates (not that it should be, but I thought you might need a laugh.)

It also was not based on the polls submitted by millions of Americans across the country that expressed their approval rating of the candidates.

So what then? What made the Electoral College vote Trump?

I have a few ideas, but I’m not convinced of any of them. Were they bought off? Trump has, of course, bragged numerous times about how much money he has. But, of course, they didn’t need to be bought off just with money. In fact, I’m sure Trump’s assets will be (have been) monitored (surely? not sure) so a cash buyout wouldn’t work. That doesn’t mean that he couldn’t have made numerous deals that would profit a few people in a few different ways. It wouldn’t need to be all of them. Just enough, in just the right states.

Now, I’m not saying I believe that. I’m not trying to start a conspiracy theory either. It’s just one possible theory, and one that has been used in politics before as we all know, so it’s certainly possible now.

Here’s what I do believe, and what scares me the most about where this country is headed. Could it be that the states that had the largest probability of some type of uprising or aggression, those filled with good ol’ boys (*sings* never meaning no harm… dating myself here… had to lighten things up again), voted in the direction they thought would keep the peace? Was the decision made out of fear?

Well, Trump voters, you may have meant no harm, but you sure did fuck things up.