Turning Facebook Fever Into Sales

By now you probably know that you should be utilizing social media for your marketing efforts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Facebook has 1.11 billion users that visit its site each and every month. This is a huge chunk of internet marketing opportunity for your business; however, if you don’t utilize it correctly, you won’t see good results. It’s not enough to just create a Facebook page for your business and get your friends and family to “like” the page. You need to be consistent with posting content on the page and the type of content you post is just as important.

Here are a few good examples of Facebook content posts that can increase visibility of your Facebook page and your website while increasing Likes and Shares.

  • Testimonials – When you have a happy customer, don’t feel bad about asking them for a positive testimony of your work. Most customers are happy to oblige when they receive stellar service. Try to post at least one customer testimonial per month to “keep it out there” that you are tops at what you do in both service and customer care.
  • Eye Candy – Facebook users love eye candy: graphics, photos, videos… it draws them to the page and into reading a post or following a website or link. Utilize eye candy as often as possible, and appropriate, within your posts; just make sure the graphic is relevant to what you are posting about. If you post a video, make sure that it is not too lengthy (2-3 minutes is good) and that it is of high quality and relevant to your readers.
  • Ask Questions – Asking a question in a post is a great way to start a conversation among your Facebook followers that might encourage a Like or Share that will give your page more exposure. Make sure the question is relevant to either your industry or something appropriate in the current news; try to stay away from politics and religion, of course.
  • Quotes – If you see an impressive quote by someone in your industry this is a great content post that Facebook users are likely to Like or Share if they are impressed by the quote as well. It could also be an infamous quote that gets people talking. For a great list of famous quotes you can search the internet and find many sites with thousands of inspirational and encouraging quotes that would be excellent as Facebook posts. If you’re creative, turn the quote into a graphic that will draw the user’s eye; picture posts get Liked and Shared more often than plain text.

There’s much more to think about for Facebook posts and if you’re serious about growing your business you might want to consider investing in a social media expert who can create daily Facebook posts for your company that are relevant, useful and will generate Likes and Shares in order to create traffic to your website.