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Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my WordPress classes on SkillShare. In addition to my class series outlined below, I plan on adding other separate videos on various tips, tricks, advice, recommendations, and more. I’ll leave a link to those here as well, as I create them.

If you have any suggestions on what class you would like to see next (i.e. what do you want to learn specifically?), then please visit the Contact Me page and send me a quick message (email not provided only to avoid bot scammers!)

WordPress Class Series

Building Your Website/Blog from Scratch Using WordPress

Part 1: Choosing Your Domain and Hosting

Part 2: Installing WordPress

Part 3: Choosing and Installing Your Theme

Part 4: Creating & Editing a Post

Part 4.1: Two Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Part 4.2: What’s New in WordPress 4.6.1

Part 5: Customizing Your Theme

Part 6: Learning the WP Admin Panel

Part 7: Learning About Plug-ins

Part 8: Top 5 Recommended Plugins

Part 8.1 More Recommended Plugins

Part 9: WordPress Security

Part 10: Search Engine Optimization

Part 11: Getting Your Website Noticed

Part 12: Monetizing Your Site

The above parts that are not yet linked may change as the course progresses, but this is my plan at this point.

Eventually, I will be putting each of these parts into one longer course on Thinkific. The full course will sell for $99 plus $49 for support via Skype (so you can choose your price based on whether you need live support.)

Please check out all my courses here, and thank you for your support!  🙂

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